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January 1, 1805

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Lewis and Clark discover that wild hunted game can be too lean for use.





The Big Fat Surprise

Nina Teicholz


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"Even Lewis and Clark reported this problem during their travels in 1805: Clark returned from a hunting party with forty deer, three buffalo, and sixteen elk, but the haul was considered a disappointment because most of the game "were too lean for use." That meant plenty of muscle meat but not enough fat. 

-Nina Teicholz - The Big Fat Surprise - page 18

Cap. Lewis went to hunt & See the Countrey near the Kamp he Killed a Butfalow & a Deer Cloudy all day I partly load the emptv Perogue out of the Boat. I killed 2 Deer & the party 4 Deer & a Buffalow this we Kill for the Skins to Cover the Perogues, the meat too pore to eat. Cap. Lewis went on an Island above our Camp, this Island is ab! one mile long, with a great perpotion Ceder timber near the middle of it.

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