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September 1, 1952

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Marilyn Monroe maintained a mostly carnivore diet of raw eggs in warm milk, and a broiled steak, liver, or lamb chops. She might indulge in a hot fudge sundae or some raw carrots on the side.





How I Stay in Shape by Marilyn Monroe


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If you've ever wondered how women stayed in such great shape before the days of juice cleanses, gluten free everything, and training programs fit for Victoria Secret angels, Marilyn Monroe may be able to give you some insight into that. In the September 1952 edition of Pageant Magazine, the late star revealed her extremely strange diet to the world in a feature that was titled "How I Stay in Shape."

In her own words, she outlines her not-so rigorous workout routine and her liquid breakfast consisting of two raw eggs poured into a glass of warm milk. This became her morning routine even when traveling. For dinner, she never dined out. Instead of opting for the best restaurant in town, she'd stop at a market near her hotel for steak, liver, or lamb chops, which she'd broil herself using an electric oven. On the side, she'd eat raw carrots. And when she wanted to treat herself, it was all about an ice cream sundae. 

"It's a good thing, I suppose, that I eat simply during the day, for in recent months I have developed the habit of stopping off at Will Wright's ice cream parlor for a hot fudge sundae on my way home from my evening drama classes. I'm sure that I couldn't allow myself this indulgence were it not that my normal diet is composed almost totally of protein foods.”

"Breakfast. I've been told that my eating habits are absolutely bizarre, but I don't think so. Before I take my morning shower, I start warming a cup of milk on the hot plate I keep in my hotel room. When it's hot, I break two raw eggs into the milk, whip them up with a fork, and drink them while I'm dressing. I supplement this with a multi-vitamin pill, and I doubt if any doctor could recommend a more nourishing breakfast for a working girl in a hurry.

Dinner. My dinners at home are startlingly simple. Every night I stop at the market near my hotel and pick up a steak, lamb chops or some liver, which I broil in the electric oven in my room. I usually eat four or five raw carrots with my meat, and that is all. I must be part rabbit; I never get bored with raw carrots."

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Carnivore Diet
The carnivore diet involves eating only animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, marrow, meat broths, organs. There are little to no plants in the diet.
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