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December 5, 1798

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Dr Rollo summarizes the 48 cases of diabetes he's aware of and how the disease was hitherto fatal, unless the animal diet is used to cure(T2D) or delay(T1D) the disease. "Doctor Beddoes has lately mentioned a case of which has been cured by the diet alone."





Cases of the Diabetes Mellitus - Appendix

John Rollo


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EXCLUSIVE of the cases of the Diabetes Mellitus, which have been published in this Work, we have heard of several others, particularly of one in Guy's Hospital, but we remain unacquainted with all the circumstances. Doctor Odier, of Geneva, mentions a cafe in the Bibliotheque Britannique, vol. vii. p. 321, and vol. viii. -p. 168. Doctor Wilmot, at Hawkehurft, in Kent, has also had a case under his charge ; and Doctor Yeats, at Bedford, informs us of a patient he has successfully treated by the animal food; but as he intends to communicate an account of it, we defer any detail. Doctor Beddoes has very lately mentioned to us four cases of the disease, one of which has been cured by the diet alone. He observes, “that in one case, he endeavoured to please the palate by recommending occasionally articles of food, as nearly resembling dishes made of the farinacea as possible. Tripe, fried in a certain way resembles pancake. Buttered eggs offered an agreeable variety. He also advised a method of trying to reduce dried fish and flesh into a kind of flour. These culinary considerations are extremely important; and he has no doubt a diet might be contrived under which patients would feel little privation." We have likewise received indistinct accounts of four cases of the disease in London and its neighbourhood. There is, besides, one which Doctor Marcet has visited. In order, therefore, to show the necessity of attending to this peculiar disease, which has been hitherto deemed uniformly fatal, we shall recapitulate the number of cases we have either seen or heard of since the dispersion of the notes of Captain Meredith's cafe in January 1797-

  • Captain Meredith's Cafe — Page 17:    1

  • General Officer's do. — Page 63:           1

  • Cafes in Chap. II. Sect. I. — Page 142: 10 and upwards

  • Cases in Chap. II. Sect. II. Page 237:     23

  • this Appendix:                                                 13

  • Total:                                                                    48 and upwards

Along with this number may be examined the account of cases given in the third Chapter, p. 356, being those described previous to that of Captain Meredith. From the whole it will appear, that the disease occurs more frequently than has been generally supposed; and of course, its discussion claims the attention of the medical enquirer. It also is entitled to it in another point of view, as tending to illustrate many other complaints depending on a morbid affection of the stomach, and constituting the most troublesome of our chronic diseases.

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A doctor or medical professional who studies or promotes exclusive meat diets
Type 2 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes
Carnivore Diet
The carnivore diet involves eating only animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, marrow, meat broths, organs. There are little to no plants in the diet.
Ketogenic Diet
The ketogenic diet involves eating high fat, low carbs, and moderate protein. To be in ketosis, one must eat less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day.
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