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January 2, 1944

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Carbohydrate syncophant, Dr Edward Tolstoi, chides the Joslin group over the pseudo logic of linking dietary sugar directly to diabetes complications - saying it was like a "religion", while in a joint discussion dismissing Joslin's rebuttal.





A Centennial Portrait


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Tolstoi was young enough to be EPJ's son. He displayed a brashness on the podium and on one occasion in 1944 was blatantly discourteous to EPJ in a joint discussion, practically dismissing EPJ's rebuttal. He commonly chided the Joslin group about the pseudo logic of linking sugar directly to most of the complications - like it was a "religion." 

He and many of his group at Cornell and like-minded schools would tell the Joslin group and the Chicago group, for example, that long tetm complications appeared even in the "rigidly" well-controlled diabetics and those with his "asymptomatic-only" level did not appear to have more problems. Dr. Root at first and then, principally and more patiently. Dr. Marble took up the position that those with the best control from date of diagnosis had the least problems. 

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