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January 4, 1930

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Sickening Big Sugar Propaganda says that "as a matter of fact, sugar is an essential in the diet." It then mentions that dietitians use sugar combined with vegetables to enhance the taste and healthfulness.





Too many of our meals are lacking...Lacking in what?


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"Every time I go to the Brows for a meal, I leave the table not entirely satisfied," said a man to his friend. "Why is it...they seem to set a good table."

"I agree with you," replied his friend, "and I'll tell you what their meals lack. It's sugar."

Nothing takes the place of sugar in satisfying the appetite. And it is natural that our systems crave sugar. We have learned to expect it in fruits and vegetables, which, if fresh and ripe, abound in flavorful sweetnes. But too often, these foods reach us lacking in sugar. A clever cook senses this and replaces it in cooking, or tops the meal with a sweet dessert.

As a matter of fact, sugar is an essential in the diet. Not only for the energy it supplies, but for its value in making essential foods more palatable. Dietitians will tell you that it is correct to add a dash of sugar to carrots, peas, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes while they are cooking. Such flavored foods are eaten with keen relish.

It is your duty to see that your family has sugar in the correct amount. It can be judiciously introduced in the diet--as a flavor and in wholesome desserts. The Sugar Institute, 129 Front St., New York.

"Most foods are more delicious and nourishing with Sugar."

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The Dietetics industry is woefully behind the study of metabolic syndrome and the usage of ketogenic and carnivore diets to reverse chronic disease. r/DietitiansSaidWhatNow is a subreddit that displays examples of this.
Corporate Takeover of Nutrition
The nutrition science community have been widely laughed at as being co-opted by corporate interests to push their products as marketing. Evidence that leads to these conclusions.
Big Sugar
Big Sugar is based on organizations like ILSI and The Sugar Association. They promote sugar as part of a healthy, balanced diet, but ignore many of the cons of sugar consumption.
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