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June 12, 1797

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The continuation of the John Walker Diabetes Case: an entire diet of animal food to be adopted, confining of the following articles; three eggs for breakfast, four oz of cheese for supper, two lbs of meat for dinner, with three lbs of beef-tea in the day. 





Cases of the diabetes mellitus : with the results of the trials of certain acids

John Rollo


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SECT. II. - Cases and Communications

the first Edition of the Work. From Doctor Marcet. London, January 12, 1798

MY friend and countryman Doctor de la Rive, having informed me that Walker had been readmitted into the Infirmary at Edinburgh, and placed under the care of Doctor Gregory, I requested him to send me an account of the further progress and treatment of the case, which I now have the pleasure to transmit to you. 

Continuation of the Case of Walker. 

June 12th, 1797. 

He had continued perfectly well till within this fortnight, though his urine, which amounted to 5.5 lb. when he left the Hospital, increased gradually to 16 lb. His thirst is at present urgent; his tongue is dry, as well as his skin, which is also hot; says that he sweats frequently ; pulse 108. He complains of a burning pain in the palms of his hands and soles of his feet; of confiderable weakness) and occasional sourness in his stomach, with pain and flatulence. His fleep is disturbed ; his ankles often swell at night. 

June 14th. In the last 24 hours he has passed 17 lb. of urine, which is of the common diabetic appearance. Su.aj. pulv. alum. comp. jfs. 4. in die; libat aquae calcis 2 lb. in die. Full diet, with meat for dinner. 

June 17th. Urine l6 lb. The dose of the compound powder of alum to be increafed to a drachm. 

June 19th. Urine 14 lb. and rather more limpid. The alum powder to be omitted, the lime water continued, and an entire diet of animal food to be adopted, confining of the following articles ; three eggs for breakfaft, four ounces of cheese for fupper, two pounds of meat for dinner, with three pounds of beef-tea in the day. 

June 21st. Urine 8 lb, ftill pale, though less so than before.

June 29th. Urine 5 lb. yellower than it has yet been and of a more natural smell.

July 7th. Urine 5 lb. To be allowed 4 ounces of bread daily, in addition to his diet. 

July 9th. Urine 5.5 lb. He has drank two cups of tea with sugar

July 11th. Urine 5.5 lb.; a portion of yesterday's was evaporated, and the residuum evidently contained saccharine matter.

July l6th. The bread to be omitted, and the animal diet strictly adhered to.

July 27th. Urine 5 lb. Within these few days his strength has been recruited. He is to be discharged. This Patient was detected in following his habits of irregularity and intemperance; indeed he could not be depended upon.

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