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May 6, 1912

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Dr Hugo Stettiner cures 5 patients with a carbohydrate-free diet to resolve their oxyurisis, the human pinworm parasite, and thinks diet is more important than drugs which only had temporary success.





To Treat the Oxyuriasis - Short Message from Dr. Hugo Stettiner ZUR BEHANDLUNG DER OXYURIASIS


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To treat the oxyurl base. Short message. 

From Dr. Hugo Stettiner - Berlin. 

At the end of his explanations in No. 10 and 11 of this weekly, Rheindorf asks to declare war on the Oxyurs more than before. The fact that victory over this apparently harmless parasite, which can so badly affect its host, is not always easy, is already proven by the numerous literature that deals with the displacement of the same. I do not want to go into this in more detail, but rather briefly report on some experiences, the further pursuit of which I would like to leave to others in and of themselves. A patient close to me had suffered from oxyure since childhood. All kinds of cures were made, authorities would be questioned. always in vain. Even while I was still a student, I eagerly studied the literature and advised the patient to try all of the suggested means, be it per it or anum. The cures were repeated at regular intervals, but only with temporary success. I don't need to elaborate on how excruciating pruritus ani can be, how it can disturb the night's sleep and thus shake the nervous system. Diabetes mellitus developed in the patient's fifth decennium. The same has therefore been changed to carbohydrate-free for some time, later put on low-carbohydrate food. And lo and behold! which was not achieved with all cures, was achieved without a cure through diet alone. Patient was liberated from the oxyurs and has remained free ever since, After having often had the opportunity to treat children and adults with oxyuriasis in the past, I was often annoyed by the persistence of suffering. I decided to use the experience gained in the case mentioned above in other cases. Since then I have had the opportunity to see five patients, two maids and three children to be treated with oxyuris vermicularis. I proceeded in the usual way - Santonin, laxatives, clysters - and also prescribed a low-carbohydrate diet for the patients. In four out of the five cases I am very quick ie after repeating the treatment two or three times, to finally expel the parasite. I have not yet achieved my goal with one child, but I suspect the little girl has a sweet tooth and doesn’t stop dieting. In two of the patients, one maid and one child. Repeated cures had already been carried out by other parties, which, however, had only a temporary success. I would like to explain the effect in the following way. that the eggs that have entered the human body need a carbohydrate-rich nutrient medium for their development or the developed animals for the maintenance of life. Whether this presumption is correct. I would like to leave it up to others to check. In any case, it would be a pleasure to be welcomed if the experiences shared were confirmed by others.;page=ssd;view=plaintext;seq=277;num=897;page=ssd;view=plaintext;seq=278;num=901


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