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Mercury in saliva and feces after removal of amalgam fillings

Björkman, L.; Sandborgh-Englund, G.; Ekstrand, J.

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PMID: 9169079


The toxicological consequences of exposure to mercury (Hg) from dental amalgam fillings is a matter of debate in several countries. The purpose of this study was to obtain data on Hg concentrations in saliva and feces before and after removal of dental amalgam fillings. In addition Hg concentrations in urine, blood, and plasma were determined. Ten subjects had all amalgam fillings removed at one dental session. Before removal, the median Hg concentration in feces was more than 10 times higher than in samples from an amalgam free reference group consisting of 10 individuals (2.7 vs 0.23 mumol Hg/kg dry weight, p

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Female; Humans; Male; Adult; Middle Aged; Feces; Saliva; Mercury; Dental Amalgam; Dental Restoration, Permanent

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