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A diet high in meat protein and potential renal acid load increases fractional calcium absorption and urinary calcium excretion without affecting markers of bone resorption or formation in postmenopausal women

Cao, Jay J.; Johnson, LuAnn K.; Hunt, Janet R.

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PMID: 21248199


Our objective in this study was to determine the effects of a high-protein and high-potential renal acid load (PRAL) diet on calcium (Ca) absorption and retention and markers of bone metabolism. In a randomized crossover design, 16 postmenopausal women consumed 2 diets: 1 with low protein and low PRAL (LPLP; total protein: 61 g/d; PRAL: -48 mEq/d) and 1 with high protein and high PRAL (HPHP; total protein: 118 g/d; PRAL: 33 mEq/d) for 7 wk each separated by a 1-wk break. Ca absorption was measured by whole body scintillation counting of radio-labeled (47)Ca. Compared with the LPLP diet, the HPHP diet increased participants' serum IGF-I concentrations (P < 0.0001), decreased serum intact PTH concentrations (P < 0.001), and increased fractional (47)Ca absorption (mean ± pooled SD: 22.3 vs. 26.5 ± 5.4%; P

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Female; Humans; Aged; Middle Aged; Biomarkers; Calcium; Insulin-Like Growth Factor I; Bone and Bones; Cross-Over Studies; Human; Dietary Proteins; Meat; Intestinal Absorption; Parathyroid Hormone; Whole-Body Counting; Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal; Osteogenesis; Randomized Controlled Trials; Middle Age; Crossover Design; Meat -- Adverse Effects; Bone Resorption; Biological Markers -- Blood; Biological Markers -- Urine; Bone and Bones -- Metabolism; Bone Resorption -- Prevention and Control; Calcium -- Blood; Calcium -- Metabolism; Calcium -- Urine; Dietary Proteins -- Adverse Effects; Dietary Proteins -- Therapeutic Use; Osteoporosis -- Blood; Osteoporosis -- Metabolism; Osteoporosis -- Prevention and Control; Osteoporosis -- Urine; Parathyroid Hormones -- Blood; Radioisotopes; Radiometry; Somatomedins -- Analysis; Calcium Radioisotopes

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