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Determination of ophidine in human urine

Undrum, Thoralv; Lunde, Hilde; Gjessing, Leiv R.

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January 8, 1982



Ophidine (β-alanyl-3-methylhistidine) was first detected in the urine of two patients and later in two members of the laboratory staff loaded with whale meat, by column chromatography, high-voltage paper electrophoresis and two-dimensional paper chromatography. The ophidine peak was detected between homocarnosine and dimethylarginine using a lithium buffer gradient in column chromatography. In paper chromatography the ophidine spot was detected at a position close to anserine and homocarnosine. The ophidine in the urine from the patients was of dietary origin since it was absent in the urine a few weeks later.

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