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Urinary sucrose and fructose as biomarkers for sugar consumption

Tasevska, Natasa; Runswick, Shirley A.; McTaggart, Alison; Bingham, Sheila A.

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PMID: 15894688


The use of 24-hour urinary sucrose and fructose as potential biomarkers for sugars consumption was investigated in two studies of 21 healthy participants living in a volunteer suite where dietary intake was known and all specimens collected. The dose-response was assessed in 12 males using a randomized crossover design of three diets containing constant levels of 63, 143, and 264 g of sugars for 10 days each. Both sugars and sucrose intake were significantly correlated with the sum of sucrose and fructose concentration in urine (0.888; P < 0.001). To assess effects with volunteers consuming their habitual varying diets, seven males and six females were fed their usual diet (assessed beforehand from four consecutive self-completed 7-day food diaries) for 30 days under controlled conditions in the volunteer suite. The mean (+/-SD) calculated total sugars intake was 202 +/- 69 g/d, 41% from sucrose. Mean (+/-SD) urinary sucrose and fructose were 36.6 +/- 16.6 and 61.8 +/- 61.3 mg/d, respectively. The sum of sucrose and fructose in urine was significantly correlated with sugars (0.841; P

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Humans; Male; Adult; Aged; Middle Aged; Diet; Dietary Sucrose; Time Factors; Biomarkers; Body Weight; Cross-Over Studies; Diet Records; Fructose; Dose-Response Relationship, Drug

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