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Comparative studies in obese subjects fed carbohydrate-restricted and high carbohydrate 1,000-calorie formula diets

Rabast, U.; Kasper, H.; Schönborn, J.

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PMID: 662209


45 obese subjects were fed a high-carbohydrate, relatively low-fat, or a low-carbohydrate, relatively high-fat 1,000-calorie (4.14MJ) formula diet. The diet provided for an isoenergetic substitution of 170 g of carbohydrates for 75 g of fat. Weight reduction up to day 30 was significantly higher in the subjects on the carbohydrate-restricted diet. There were no significant differences between the water and electrolyte balances. The mean total weight reduction achieved on the high-carbohydrate diet was 9.8 +/- 4.5kg with a mean daily weight loss of 298 +/- 80g, while the corresponding values on the carbohydrate-restricted diet were 14 +/- 7.2 kg and 362 +/- 91 g/day, respectively.

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Female; Humans; Male; Adult; Obesity; Aged; Middle Aged; Dietary Carbohydrates; Diet, Reducing; Water-Electrolyte Balance

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