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Lipid, inflammatory and haemorheological profiles are significantly affected by farmed fish eating: an intervention study

Sofi, Francesco; Gori, Anna Maria; Cesari, Francesca; Paniccia, Rita; Mannini, Lucia; Giorgi, Gianluca; Parisi, Giuliana; Casini, Alessandro; Poli, Bianca Maria; Gensini, Gian Franco; Abbate, Rosanna

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PMID: 19353368


AIM: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the influence of short-term dietary intake of farmed fish on biomarkers related to the atherosclerotic process. METHODS AND RESULTS: Lipid, inflammatory, and haemorheological variables before (T0) and after a dietary intervention with about 800 g Orbetello farmed sea bass per week for 10 weeks (T1) were evaluated in nine dyslipidemic subjects. Fish intake significantly decreased triacylglycerols (T1, 140.2+/-20.3 mg/dl versus T0, 183.3+/-29.2 mg/dl; P =0.04), whereas no significant changes for the other lipid variables have been observed. Moreover, dietary intervention significantly (P

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Female; Humans; Male; Adult; Middle Aged; Triglycerides; Atherosclerosis; Biomarkers; Lipids; C-Reactive Protein; Surveys and Questionnaires; Dyslipidemias; Inflammation Mediators; Hemorheology; Seafood; Interleukins; Bass; Erythrocyte Deformability; Fisheries

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