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Plasma alkylresorcinols as a biomarker of whole-grain food consumption in a large population: results from the WHOLEheart Intervention Study

Ross, Alastair B.; Bourgeois, Alexandre; Macharia, Harrison Ndung'u; Kochhar, Sunil; Jebb, Susan A.; Brownlee, Iain A.; Seal, Chris J.

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PMID: 22170369 PMCID: PMC3592483


BACKGROUND: Small-scale, short-term intervention studies have suggested that plasma alkylresorcinol (AR) concentrations may be biomarkers of whole grain (WG) wheat and rye intakes. OBJECTIVE: The objective was to determine whether plasma AR concentrations reflect self-reported WG food intake in a 16-wk WG intervention study and to establish which phenotypic characteristics influence plasma AR concentrations. DESIGN: In a randomized parallel-group dietary intervention study, 316 overweight and obese participants with a WG intake of

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Humans; Obesity; Triglycerides; Energy Intake; Diet; Sex Factors; Biomarkers; Fatty Acids, Nonesterified; Edible Grain; Phenotype; Self Report; Resorcinols; Secale; Triticum

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