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Meat quality assessment from young goats fed for long periods with castor de-oiled cake

Oliveira, C. H. A.; Silva, A. M.; Silva, L. M.; van Tilburg, M. F.; Fernandes, C. C. L.; Moura, A. A.; Moreno, F. B. M. B.; Monteiro-Moreira, A. C. O.; Moreira, R. A.; Bezerra, F. J.; Rondina, D.

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PMID: 25866931


Diet can influence both the qualitative and quantitative traits of ruminant meat. This study evaluated the effects of castor de-oiled cake on the meat of mixed-breed male goat kids. After 165days of diet treatment, no alterations (p>0.05) were observed in the in vivo performance, anatomic components, dissection and proximate composition of the Longissimus dorsi muscle, as well as in the color and pH of the carcasses. However, diet had an effect (p

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Humans; Male; Muscle, Skeletal; Diet; Agriculture; Fatty Acids; Dietary Proteins; Nutritive Value; Meat; Crops, Agricultural; Seeds; Animal Feed; Meat quality; 2-D electrophoresis; Biofuels; Caprine; Castor Bean; Fatty acid profile; Food Quality; Goats; Industrial Waste; Muscle Development; Poisons; Ricin; Ricinus communis

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