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Exploring the Links between Diet and Health in an Irish Cohort: A Lipidomic Approach

O'Gorman, Aoife; Gibbons, Helena; Ryan, Miriam F.; Gibney, Eileen R.; Gibney, Michael J.; Frost, Gary S.; Roche, Helen M.; Brennan, Lorraine

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PMID: 28145113


Epidemiology and clinical studies provide clear evidence of the complex links between diet and health. To understand these links, reliable dietary assessment methods are pivotal. Biomarkers have emerged as more objective measures of intake compared with traditional dietary assessment methods. However, there are only a limited number of putative biomarkers of intake successfully identified and validated. The use of biomarkers that reflect food intake to examine diet related diseases represents the next step in biomarker research. Therefore, the aim of this study was to (1) identify and confirm biomarkers associated with dietary fat intake and (2) examine the relationship between those biomarkers with health parameters. Heatmap analysis identified a panel of 22 lipid biomarkers associated with total dietary fat intake in the Metabolic Challenge (MECHE) Study. Confirmation of four of these biomarkers demonstrated responsiveness to different levels of fat intake in a separate intervention study (NutriTech study). Linear regression identified a significant relationship between the panel of dietary fat biomarkers and HOMA-IR, with three lipid biomarkers (C16, PCaaC36:2, and PCae36:4) demonstrating significant associations. Identifying such links allows us to explore the relationship between diet and health to determine whether these biomarkers can be modulated through diet to improve health outcomes.

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Female; Humans; Male; Adolescent; Adult; Health; Young Adult; Middle Aged; Diet; Biomarkers; Lipids; Eating; dietary fat; Ireland; lipidomics; Cohort Studies; diseases

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