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Biomarkers of age effect on renal function in Down syndrome

Guzmn, R.; Campos, C.; Lpez-Fernndez, E.; Casado, Á.

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Objective: To assess differences in kidney function between Down syndrome (DS) individuals and a control group related to aging. Methods: Creatinine (Cr) and specific gravity (SG) were assessed by spectrophotometric and refractometric assays in urine samples of 103 individuals with DS and 82 age-matched controls. Results: Significantly lower levels of Cr and SG were found in DS after puberty. Significant correlations were found between SG and age as well as between Cr and SG in DS and controls (p≤0.05). Conclusions: Premature aging in kidneys of DS patients could lead to an impaired renal function. © 2011 Informa UK, Ltd.

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Creatinine; Down syndrome; Urine; Premature aging; Specific gravity

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