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Oxidative and anti-oxidative status in muscle of young rats in response to six protein diets

Zhu, J.; Li, X.; Qi, H.; Gu, Z.; Song, S.; Yang, X.; Zhou, G.; Li, C.

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We investigated the impact of six protein diets on oxidation and anti-oxidation status in the muscle of young rats. Rats were fed six protein diets for 14 days, including casein (control), and proteins isolated from soy, fish, chicken, pork and beef. Grx1, Trx1 and other oxidative metabolic indices in muscle were quantified. Compared with the casein diet, the soy protein diet had a similar oxidation level, but higher GSH and lower SOD activities. The chicken and fish protein groups had lower GSH and higher SOD activities, the pork protein group showed lower Grx1 levels than the casein group and the beef protein group showed the highest GSH, Grx1 and Trx1 levels as reflected by RT-PCR, Western blotting and immunohistochemistry analyses. Intake of meat proteins showed higher ROS and T-AOC but lower MDA levels than non-meat proteins, which may be due to the increase in Grx1 and Trx1 expression and other antioxidants. Meat proteins are more conducive to muscle of growing rats. © 2017 The Author(s).

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