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Selenium Supplementation Alters Hepatic Energy and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Mice

Hu, Xin; Chandler, Joshua D; Orr, Michael L; Hao, Li; Liu, Ken; Uppal, Karan; Go, Young-Mi; Jones, Dean P

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Background: Human and animal studies have raised concerns that supplemental selenium can increase the risk of metabolic disorders, but underlying mechanisms are unclear.Objective: We used an integrated transcriptome and metabolome analysis of liver to test for functional pathway and network responses to supplemental selenium in mice.Methods: Male mice (8-wk-old, C57BL/6J) fed a standard diet (0.41 ppm Se) were given selenium (Na2SeO4, 20 μmol/L) or vehicle (drinking water) for 16 wk. Livers were analyzed for selenium concentration, activity of selenoproteins, reduced glutathione (GSH) redox state, gene expression, and high-resolution metabolomics. Transcriptomic and nontargeted metabolomic data were analyzed with biostatistics, bioinformatics, pathway enrichment analysis, and combined transcriptome-metabolome-wide association study (TMWAS).Results: Mice supplemented with selenium had greater body mass gain from baseline to 16 wk (55% ± 5%) compared with controls (40% ± 3%) (P < 0.05); however, no difference was observed in liver selenium content, selenoenzyme transcripts, or enzyme activity. Selenium was higher in the heart, kidney, and urine of mice supplemented with selenium. Gene enrichment analysis showed that supplemental selenium altered pathways of lipid and energy metabolism. Integrated transcriptome and metabolome network analysis showed 2 major gene-metabolite clusters, 1 centered on the transcript for the bidirectional glucose transporter 2 (Glut2) and the other centered on the transcripts for carnitine-palmitoyl transferase 2 (Cpt2) and acetyl-CoA acyltransferase (Acaa1). Pathway analysis showed that highly associated metabolites (P 

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