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New windows into the brain: Central nervous system-derived extracellular vesicles in blood

Shi, Min; Sheng, Lifu; Stewart, Tessandra; Zabetian, Cyrus P.; Zhang, Jing

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PMID: 30685501 PMCID: PMC6546433


Extracellular vesicles (EVs), including exosomes and (shedding) microvesicles, are released by nearly all cell types and carry a cargo of proteins and nucleic acids that varies by the cell of origin. They are thought to play critical roles in normal central nervous system (CNS) function and neurological disorders. A recently revealed key characteristic of EVs is that they may travel between the CNS and peripheral circulation. This property has led to intense interest in how EVs might serve as a vehicle for toxic protein clearance and as a readily accessible source of biomarkers for CNS disorders. Furthermore, by bypassing the blood-brain barrier, modified EVs could serve as a unique drug delivery system that targets specific neuronal populations. Further work is necessary to develop and optimize techniques that enable high-yield capture of relevant EV populations, analyze individual EVs and their cargos, and validate preliminary results of EV-derived biomarkers in independent cohorts.

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Parkinson disease; Biomarker; Exosome; Brain-periphery communication; CNS drug delivery; Extracellular vesicle; Neurological disorder

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