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Metabolomics in the identification of biomarkers of dietary intake

O'Gorman, Aoife; Gibbons, Helena; Brennan, Lorraine

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PMID: 24688686 PMCID: PMC3962097


Traditional methods for assessing dietary exposure can be unreliable, with under reporting one of the main problems. In an attempt to overcome such problems there is increasing interest in identifying biomarkers of dietary intake to provide a more accurate measurement. Metabolomics is an analytical technique that aims to identify and quantify small metabolites. Recently, there has been an increased interest in the application of metabolomics coupled with statistical analysis for the identification of dietary biomarkers, with a number of putative biomarkers identified. This minireview focuses on metabolomics based approaches and highlights some of the key successes.

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Biomarkers; habitual diet; habitual diet, metabolomics

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