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VLCKD: a real time safety study in obesity

Barrea, Luigi; Verde, Ludovica; Vetrani, Claudia; Marino, Francesca; Aprano, Sara; Savastano, Silvia; Colao, Annamaria; Muscogiuri, Giovanna

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January 8, 2022



Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet (VLCKD) is currently a promising approach for the treatment of obesity. However, little is known about the side effects since most of the studies reporting them were carried out in normal weight subjects following Ketogenic Diet for other purposes than obesity. Thus, the aims of the study were: (1) to investigate the safety of VLCKD in subjects with obesity; (2) if VLCKD-related side effects could have an impact on its efficacy.

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Obesity; Very low calorie ketogenic diet; Side effects

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