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Rachel S Brown


LCHF Psychiatrist UK advocating for Metabolic Psychiatry.

United Kingdom

MEATrition author
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Dr Brown graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2003. She is a UK based Consultant Psychiatrist as well as being a qualified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is a member of The British Society for Ecological Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine and The Royal College of Psychiatrists.  Dr Brown specialises in working within General Adult Psychiatry and has an endorsement in Liaison Psychiatry as well as a Master degree in Medical Laws and Ethics. Dr Brown has specialist experience of working within Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams. After completing Higher Specialist Training in 2011 she worked within community and inpatient psychiatric services before taking up her post with a Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team in 2016.  Dr Brown is an Educational Supervisor for core psychiatric trainees as well as being a Clinical Supervisor for both core and higher trainees in psychiatry. She has been involved in undergraduate teaching of medical students, service development with the introduction of skills training to her local NHS health board and has ongoing research involvement with a pilot study examining the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet on the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Dr Brown’s main area of interest relates to the field of Metabolic Psychiatry. She is a Nutrition Network Advisor and recommends therapeutic carbohydrate restriction for the treatment of mental disorder. Other interests include food addiction and optimisation of gut health for the improvement of mental health. Dr Brown believes in holistic medical care and addressing root cause of illness. She believes there is a better way for the practice of psychiatry, that relies less on pharmaceuticals and more on addressing underlying metabolic and environmental causes of mental illness. Dr Brown has grown weary of the simplistic pharma-focussed standard psychiatric approach to patients and after improving her own health by implementing dietary strategies of paleo, then keto and ultimately a carnivore diet, Dr Brown is a passionate advocate for the beneficial impact of proper nutrition on overall health, with the aim of addressing the root cause of illness, not simply masking symptoms.  In July 2022 Dr Brown released her first book titled: “Metabolic Madness.” The subject of the book is the relationship between metabolic health and mental disorder and the book is designed to make the complex science behind this topic accessible to the everyday reader

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