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Fiat Food: Why Inflation Destroyed Our Health and How Bitcoin Fixes It

Publish date:
September 25, 2023
Fiat Food: Why Inflation Destroyed Our Health and How Bitcoin Fixes It

THE REAL COST OF INFLATION ON A COUNTRY can be best seen not through government-sanctioned data points circulated throughout the corporate sponsored media, but in the financial, physical, and mental health of its citizenry. Officials point to the increase of paper wealth as evidence that their stewardship in both the economy and nutrition has led to a rise in the quality of life. In reality, the past fifty years has seen the true standard of living for most Americans plummet. Debasement of the currency has left the American people poorer, and through the resulting degradation of the nutrients of their food supply, sicker than at any time in recent history. What follows is an examination of one of the most compelling “who[1]done-its” in American history. In Fiat Food, Lysiak unravels a plot by the largest institutions of American power and the outsized ramifications it has had on modern civilization.

“IN TERMS OF THE LIVES CUT SHORT, it would be no exaggeration to say that 20th century nutrition science and government food policies are the biggest crime in history, putting genocides and man-made famines to shame. Matthew Lysiak provides a gripping forensic investigation into the barely believable sequence of events, spanning over a century, which led to the complete overhaul of the modern diet and the current obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune disease epidemic ravaging our species.”

—SAIFEDEAN AMMOUS Internationally Best-selling Economist and Author

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Diseases of Civilization
Common diseases that appear in civilization - such as cancer, diabetes, IBS, gout, heart disease
Big Vegetable Oil
The Vegetable Oil industry is huge and has been growing since the late 19th century. They likely dictate dietary advice to eat highly linoleic diets, while genetically modifying seeds to contain less LA due to health dangers.
Seed Oils
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