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Living Paleo Style: Overcome The Ancestral-Modern Mismatch to Regain Your Natural Wellbeing

Publish date:
February 10, 2023
Living Paleo Style: Overcome The Ancestral-Modern Mismatch to Regain Your Natural Wellbeing

Only a few generations ago, we lived in direct and constant contact with nature in a tightly-knit group of hunter-gatherers. Autonomy, intimacy, and equality ruled, and our authenticity could be freely and fully expressed. Paleoanthropologist Dr. Miki Ben-Dor proposes actual cognitive and dietary means to ameliorate the emotional and physiological discontent that stems from the mismatch between modern life and our evolutionary past. A summary of the book in the first pages and summaries at the head of each chapter provide quickly accessible to-do lists.

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Miki Ben-Dor
A doctor or medical professional who studies or promotes exclusive meat diets
Understanding the early development of anatomically modern humans through fossils.
Evolutionary Psychology
Evolutionary psychology is a field of psychology that seeks to understand human behavior and cognition through the lens of evolutionary principles. It proposes that many psychological traits and behaviors can be explained by the process of natural selection acting on our ancestors over thousands of generations. The central idea behind evolutionary psychology is that our minds, like our bodies, have been shaped by the forces of evolution. It suggests that our psychological mechanisms and patterns of thought have evolved to solve adaptive problems faced by our ancestors in their environments.
Diseases of Civilization
Common diseases that appear in civilization - such as cancer, diabetes, IBS, gout, heart disease
Nutritional Degeneration
The degeneration of the body through a changing nutrition from animal to plant foods.
Man The Fat Hunter
Man is a lipivore - hunting and preferring the fattiest meats they can find. When satisifed with fat, they will want little else.
Carnivore Diet
The carnivore diet involves eating only animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, marrow, meat broths, organs. There are little to no plants in the diet.
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