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January 1, 1896

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Yeo Burney summarizes Cantani's Diet for Diabetes: He requires the adoption of this absolute meat and fat diet for three months — in very mild cases for two months, in very severe cases for six or nine months.





Food in Health and Disease

Arnaldo Cantani


Important Text:

7. — Cantani's. 

{This is a very exclusive diet.) 


  • Meat and animal fats of all kinds (at all meals). 

  • Fish of all kinds. 

  • Lobsters. 

  • Olive oil (instead of butter). 

  • Eggs (in milder cases). 

  • Substitute for bread: Pavy's almond cakes(only for convalescents who cannot entirely dispense with bread).

  • Pure Water.

  • Soda-water.

  • Persons habituated to the use of strong wines and spirits may add to the water 10 to 30 grammes of pure alcohol daily.

  • Red Wine.

  • Tea and coffee in small quantities.


  • Liver.

  • Butter, as it contains traces of lactose.

  • Cheese.

  • Milk.

  • All farinaceous and saccharine foods absolutely.

  • All fruits.

  • All green vegetable and roots.

  • Lemonade. 

  • Chocolate. 

  • Rum, cognac.

  • Tea and coffee (in severe cases). 

Cantani considers much salt injurious, as well as much pickled pork or salt fish. 

He requires the adoption of this absolute meat and fat diet for three months — in very mild cases for two months, in very severe cases for six or nine months. If after two months the urine contains no sugar, he allows green vegetables ; after another month, cheese and old red wine ; and after another fortnight, almonds and nuts. A month or so after this he permits juicy fruits, not too sweet, as straw- berries, raspberries, peaches, apples, and sour oranges ; still later, plums, gooseberries, green beans and peas, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, and gourds. After another fortnight, milk and fresh milk foods may be used. Finally, if after repeated examination no sugar be found in the urine, small quantities of farinaceous food may be cautiously permitted, but their use must be restricted for life. It is best to avoid altogether cane-sugar and sweets of all kinds. 

Cantani urges the consumption of as much fat as possible, and especially of " pancreatic fat," as easy of digestion. It is prepared of pancreas, cut up into small pieces, well mixed with a certain quantity of melted bacon fat or lard, left to undergo an artificial digestion for about three hours, and finally lightly roasted before the fire. In mild cases he prescribes pure sugar-free cod-liver oil, in 20- to 100-gramme doses.

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