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January 1, 1911

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A study in the American Physical Education Review studied meat eaters and vegetarians who ran marathons to see how their habits affected their performance.





Effects of Severe Exertion - Diet as to Meat Eating


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This was very interesting. Six were classed as vegetarians, one of whom was not permitted to run owing to a marked arrhythmia of pulse and generally poor condition. The other 5 did not quite hold their own with the meat eaters, 60 per cent finishing. The greater number ate meat once a day, and of them 65 per cent finished; out of the 10 who ate meat twice a day 70 per cent completed the race. Beef was by far the most popular meat.

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Meat and Fasting as Medicine
When meat and fasting are used by traditional medicine men to reduce inflammation and fight disease.
Exercise is any physical activity that is performed to improve or maintain physical fitness and overall health. It involves the movement of the body, which can be structured and planned, such as in sports or workouts, or it can be more spontaneous and unstructured, like taking a walk or dancing. Effect of diet on exercise.
Vegetarian Myth
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